Shared Work (ES)

Service Description:

Shared Work – Employer
If facing a temporary decline in business, the Shared Work Program offers an alternative to laying off
workers. Instead, you can reduce the work hours of your permanent employees, and they can collect partial
unemployment benefits to replace a portion of their lost wages.

Shared Work – Employee
If approved for Shared Work, the employer gives a packet of information. This packet provides information
about how to claim benefits while participating in the Shared Work Program.

Minimum Eligibility:

Businesses must:

  • Be legally registered in Washington for at least six months prior to applying for the program.
  • Be current on unemployment taxes or a payment contract.
  • Enroll a minimum of two permanent employees in the Shared Work plan.
  • Comply with IRS, State, County and municipal laws, rules and ordinances.
  • Employees of the business who are enrolled in Shared Work must be:
  • Hired permanently and paid hourly (corporate officers are not eligible).
  • Eligible for regular unemployment benefits.
  • Able to and available for work all hours offered by the Shared Work employer.

Yes Questions:

If customers answer “yes” to any of the following questions, they may possibly be a good fit for our

  • Are you an employer facing a temporary decline in business and may face laying off employees?
  • Have you been laid off by an employer with a temporary decline in business?


Partner: Employment Security Department

Contact Name(s): Shared Work Program
Contact Email(s): |
Phone: (800) 752-2500
Address: 270 9th St. Suite 240 East Wenatchee, WA 98802