What is the Partner Services Directory?

The partnership developed a resource training website organized for staff with no knowledge, some knowledge and extensive knowledge to assist customers in accessing services. The website takes a systematic approach to customer service, providing resource informational sheets with relevant information to effectively help staff assist clients.


Guiding Questions are general questions that form a survey to help staff to identify all of a client’s needs. The Guiding Questions page organizes guiding questions by service categories. Each question links to a related services page. For example, under the Basic Needs category, clicking on the Housing link displays the the Housing Assistance services page, which displays a list of housing-related services.

Programs organize services by categories. The Programs page displays definitions of each category. Click on individual categories on either the page or the drop-down menu to display each page. For example, to locate Housing Assistance services from this page, click on the Basic Needs link to display a list of service areas. Select Housing to display the same Housing Assistance service page in the example above.

Partner pages list all the services offered by that partner. They also include a general description of each organization, a map to their location, a link to their website, and contact information.