Commissioner Approved Training & Training Benefits (ES)

Service Description:

Commissioner Approved Training (CAT) allows individuals to collect regular unemployment benefits
while attending an approved training program. If approved for Commissioner Approved Training,
individuals do not have to look for work while receiving unemployment benefits. Individuals must pay for
books, tuition and school-related fees.
Training Benefits (TB) provides all of the benefits of the Commissioner Approved Training and may
provide a 26 week extension of unemployment benefits for those enrolled in approved training.

Applications can be found at under the column titled forms on the left-
hand side of the page.

For assistance with the application process, attend SkillSource Wenatchee’s CAT/TB workshop every
Wednesday at 1 PM.

Minimum Eligibility:

  • Eligible for or receiving unemployment

Yes Questions:

If customers answer “yes” to any of the following questions, they may possibly be a good fit for our

  • Would you like to continue receiving unemployment benefits while attending school?


Partner: Employment Security Department

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Phone: 877-600-7701