Asset Building – Free Tax Preparation Services (CDCAC)

Service Description:

The Asset Building Financial Education program helps individuals grow their financial future. In-person and online resources are provided to assist adults in gaining the knowledge needed to better manage their money and assets.

Basic information such as budgeting, understanding credit scores and identity theft are among a few of the topics offered.

Minimum Eligibility:

  • Low-to moderate-income individuals/ households

Yes Questions:

If customers answer “yes” to any of the following questions, they may possibly be a good fit from the Asset Building program services:

  • Would you like assistance establishing a budget? Or, maintaining a budget already set?
  • Would you like assistance setting and/or prioritizing financial goals?
  • Would you like assistance learning how to access and/or better use available financial resources?

Student Registration:

After completing the Participant Registration at: program staff will contact the participant.


Partner: Chelan Douglas Community Action Council

Contact Name(s): Lonnie Wells
Contact Email(s): |
Phone: (509) 662-6156 Ext 264
Address: 620 Lewis Street Wenatchee, WA 98801